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Brewers Fest 2014

Postby Laurie » Mon Jul 21, 2014 8:50 am

So much delicious beer, such a perfect day weather wise and where we find out about new pubs and brews - a great combination!

The weather was perfect for the festival this year, upper 70's no wind, no chance of getting closed down early due to storms and the best views of the Adirondacks across the lake! Several new breweries were represented, some lines were veeeeeeeery looooooooong and we avoided those, though we knew the product was likely worth the wait (Hill Farmstead, Lawson's, Fiddlehead) but others were just a short wait to check out a new beer and we were in heaven with all of the IPA's!

I think my top 2 favorites may not have been IPA's though. I loved the Fiddlehead Brett on the Dance Floor. The wild yeast strain in this pale ale just caused flavors to dance all around your palate and hey it came with a free disco ball, what more could you want? And Zero Gravity's Gruit Ale made with organic sweet gale, yarrow, mugwort, stinging nettles, labrador tea, and sweet woodruff was like taking a drink of the deep woods - just delicious! One of our local favorites, the Vermont Pub and Brew had a rhubarb saison that was great. Our NY friends at Six Point represented us well with their Spice of Life IPA - very nice. Bobcat's Unrepentant entry offering was very interesting, a chocolate pepper stout. And we met folks while on line at Fiddlehead that are representing a new NY addition: Roots Brewing Company - soon to open on Main St in Oneonta! We are sure to be frequent flyers there!

Some of the new options included Lost Nation that had a really interesting Lost Galazy Wheat IPA. Four Quarter had a nice Sundog Pale Ale.Crop Brewery's Idyletime IPA was good. We did not visit some of the new folks such as Burlington Beer Company as their line was very long and Queen City just simply did not have a beer that we were terribly interested in.

The festival did a great collaboration with the brewers and the community garden - a raffle that included 3 brew bundles retail value of $195-$320 each for a $25 ticket. Proceeds benefit the community garden - I am expecting my winning call any minute now!

A great time and looking forward to next year already! Hope you can join us - beware tickets to the three session event sold out in 11 minutes this year!
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