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Sunday River and Baxter

Postby redshorts47 » Mon Mar 05, 2012 12:34 pm

After completing our successful winter trip into Baxter to hike North Brother, Katahdin, and Hamlin we stopped in to Sunday River Brewing Company on our long way home. We had started off this trip at our local brewpub, Brown's in Troy and then the next day we hit up Sea Dog in Bangor where I had my very fist Lobster Roll.....delicious!!!! As uaual Brown's and Sea Dog where great and after a 4 day, 3 night trip into Baxter spending the cold nights, not in warm bunkhouses but in either our tent or lean-to it was nice to get out to a cold beer which I grabbed at the little store at Abol Bridge and a hot shower at our friend Deans relatives Rental House in Stratton, which was Awesome!!!!! We did 2 more hikes of the Crockers and Old Speck that week before heading home and stopped for lunch at Sunday River Brewing Company. This place had some tasty grub and the beer was pretty good too. I liked how they had a fire place that you could warm up too. They had free wings and pulled pork sliders during their happy hour that we could have partaken in near the end of our visit but we were already I figured if they are giving the stuff away for free how good can it be right. They don't have any souvenier pint glasses for sale so I settled for a sticker. This place was good but once again I don't think it will be a place I will go out of my way for

We had stopped up at Sugarloaf Mounain to do a little shopping and saw Bag and Kettle. Was going to go in for a beer but we had just gotten there so my friend could pick up something for his kids back home so I didn't and I also didn't know it was on the list or I would have. I didn't realize it was on the Maine list until we were about to leave the mountain area. We had plans to go back up later that night to eat at the restaurant next door but we were told it was really busy up on the mountain and it was snowing really hard and my friend didn't want to drive. :cry: Hope to go back this summer and I can hit Bag and Kettle up then
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