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Exploring Acadia and the Maine BrewPubs

Postby redshorts47 » Wed Sep 05, 2012 3:23 pm

Siobhan and I went on our annual anniversary trip to Acadia Aug. 26-Sept 2. We arrived early in Acadia Sunday morning around 10am and went for a couple short walks to the Wonderland trail to do a little tide pool exploring, bass harbor to check out the light house again, and a walk across Sands Beach. Later that night we decided to finally check out Atlantic brewing and this is a true hiddn gem that it seems not many of the tourist have discovered yet. Great atmosphere and amazing BBQ food. We tried the new guy IPA which was good and then the Big Wicked IPA which was amazing. The S.O.B. IPA they had fell in between the two in regards of taste, the island ginger was well done with a hint of ginger in it and the Blueberry Ale made with local blueberries was great even though I am in no way a fruity beer guy but I have to say it was the best fruit beer I've had even though I haven't had too many.

Over the course of the week we did a lot of hiking and biking around Acadia and had just about perfect weather ever day we were there. My favorite hike of the week was a traverse across Bald Pk., Parkman Mt., Gillmore Pk., Sargent Mt., Penobscot Mt., down to the Jordon Pond House returning to the car with a bike ride on the Carriage trail on the around the mountain loop. My favorite bike ride of the week was when we finally rode the entire Park Loop Road. We did many hikes and bike rides that week and I could list them all, but it doesn't matter where you go in Acadia, the entire place is breathtaking and you can't go wrong.

We left Acadia the following Sunday early and decided to hit up the 3 most southern brewpubs in Maine since they would be open by the time we got to them. The first one up was a Run of the Mill which we very much enjoyed. Their "Cask Kickin IPA" they had was great and their Impact Pale Ale IPA was also very good. The food there was also very good and I dare say their New England clam chowder was the best I've ever had.

The next stop was Sebago a short drive down the road and while it came off very chain like and steril the IPA exceeded my expectations of the place and was very good. The bartender we were talking to gave us each a full sample of their cask IPA and another IPA they had and they too were very well done. Not as good as the cask kickin IPA from Run of the Mill but very good. While there we got an order of their soft pretzels which came in an order of three with an IPA infused mustard sauce which were huge and very delicious. We also left this place very happy.

The last one up was Federal Jacks and while it had a nice atmosphere to enjoy a meal and beer unlike the steril setting of Sebago their IPA was my least favorite of the entire trip, not bad but not nearly as good as any of the others. I would go back and try them again to see how their other beers where since it is a nice place. We had a great trip and can't wait to continue on with the brewpubs in Maine even though it probably won't be until next summer. So far we're enjoying the beers Maine has to offer.
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