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Maine Completion Coming Soon!

Postby woodzy » Tue Oct 30, 2012 9:26 pm

We started Friday on our completion on the state of Maine. We took a detour to Boston to get a Surface tablet. We walked a mile just getting to the Microsoft store. Hike #1 done.

We then drove to our second hike of the day. We did the Rachel Carson National Wildlife refuge. They had a nice short hike there. It had nice views of the water and was all flat. Then off to the breweries.

We stopped at Federal Jacks first. The brewery was really nice and set on the harbor with nice views of the water. We had an eleven beer sampler. Five out of eleven were excellent the rest were good. I really liked their winter ale. The food was good also.

We then headed to the Run of the Mill. It was really crowded being Friday night. We got a spot at the bar and had the Alewife ale. The beer was ok but too hoppy.
On Saturday we had three more hikes and pubs to go to. We started our first hike at Rattlesnake mountain. It had a nice view at the top but a good elevation gain. We then headed to Bray’s brewpub. The food and beer there was excellent. We had their light blonde ale and pale red ale. The beers were full flavored and not hoppy at all. The food was all homemade. It is my pick for best microbrewery in Maine. It has all the qualities a microbrewery use to have before they got popular and went commercial.

We then headed to Portland for the final two hikes and brews. We headed to Baxter Park not the state park but a city park. It was nice and small but wooded. We head to walk it twice to get our mile in. We then head to Sebago Brewing. The parking was horrible in Portland so we parked a good was away and did our last mile in Portland.
Sebago Brewing was too commercial for me. We both had a beer at the bar. I had their winter ale. It was an over hopped stout. My wife had some form of pale ale which was not much better. Needless to say we left before we finished our beers. It was a shame.

On to the finally brewery, Gritty’s. We walked over from Sebago brewing to Gritty’s since it was so close. I was to Gritty’s before in Freeport and was not that impressed. It was a totally surprise when we got there and the pale ale was really good! So there you go another state coming close to completion. We will return to complete the state and we will all discuss the duplicate breweries in Maine.
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Re: Maine Completion Coming Soon!

Postby redshorts47 » Wed Oct 31, 2012 6:47 pm

What a great Trip Mike! Paul commented in our FB post that you were in the same area as us again by chance. Not sure if I mentioned it but we were at Atlantic brewing at the very same time just a couple tables away. Sounds like all the places that you dislike because the beers were to hoppy are the ones we love. While I'm a really big fan of Sebago, I do agree I don't care for how commercial it is but I guess that's to be expected with a chain microbrewery. Have fun with the rest of your Maine Brewpub(s).
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