our Delaware trip Part 1-11/11/11

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our Delaware trip Part 1-11/11/11

Postby redshorts47 » Mon Nov 21, 2011 3:47 pm

Unfortunately no one from here was able to tag along with us on this trip :cry: my wife and I along with two of our friends had a 3 day weekend and Laurie had told me that Dogfish Head's a place that you want to savor and take some time at so we decided to spend the whole weekend their but I will get to Dogfish Head in Part II. At the last minute we decided to skip out on the Dogfish Head brewery tour that I had set up for Friday late and just hit the 3 other brewpubs and the highpoint in the north on the way down to save on time getting back on Sunday but that didn't end up happening.

My wife and I stopped and visited the high point of Delaware because one day we might try to do all of them. It's my dream, I can make it as big as I want. hahahaha. This was a brutal climb, not really but I almost twisted my ankle walking on the perfectly flat sidewalk to the marker sign. :oops: After we parked the car, me almost twisting my ankle, and waiting for some cars to go by so we could cross the street, we had successfully reached Ebright Azimuth, all 448 ft above see level. From the car we might have gained 5 feet of elevation. Since I do a lot of research on the places I go visit I knew there was a benchmarker in the spot where the sidewalk is cut back in order for it to be placed in a certain spot. There is a lot of debate on where exactly the real highpoint is but I read that the original highest point was somewhere in the middle of the street and while looking over to the trailer park looks higher this entire area has been developed and manmade elevations like the one in the trailer park to stop flooding does not change the location of the original highpoint. Good enough for me. We took our photos of us by the highpoint sign and we were off to meet our friends at the first brewpub.

We all met up at Iron Hill brewery in Willmington right as they opended up at 11 and started our great weekend of excellent brew sampling. This place was really nice! Reminds me of an old brick warehouse/firestation from the outside and the inside was very nicely done up. The rest of the group orderd a beer and I went with the sampler. IPA was very good and I also had their Oompa Loompa Chocolate Stout. They also had a variation on the that stout that had a bit of spicy heat to it that was very very good and had just enough heat to it to tickle the back of the throat and not to be overpowering on it. They were both really good. We all had a bite to eat and we found the food to be really tasty. Picked up some pint glasses and we were on our way to our next brewpub.

Our next Brew pub of the day was another Iron HIll in Newark. This little town was packed with people and parking was a huge problem. Our friends eventually found a paid parking spot and the wife and I illegally parked at Burger King down the street despite the tow away sign. My wife was very against this but I saw no other option at the time. We all met up at the brewpub and slugged down an IPA real quick because I wanted to get back to the car before it wasn't their. The IPA wasn't nearly as good as the first Iron Hill in Willimgton but it did the trick. I might not have enjoyed it as much because the car was constantly in the back of my mind. Didn't pick up any pint glasses this time because there is no distinction between any of the Iron Hill Glasses.

We all then met up at Stewarts Brewing in Bear. This was an odd place, located in a shopping plaza and wasn't nearly as nice as the two before. The plus side was that it was in a plaza and parking was limitless. Stewarts looked a little bleek looking but the Beer we had there was very good and the food was darn right tasty. Very happily surprised by this place. Despite it being pretty good and having very nice employees and excellent service I don't think we will ever go back to this place. I imagine the next time we make a trip to Delaware it will only consist of our next and main attraction of the weekend, Dogfish Head! I picked up a pint glass on our way out and were headed to Dogfish and it was just around 3 in the afternoon!!!! So Excited!!!! :D :toast:
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