5-10-14 PA Ramble

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5-10-14 PA Ramble

Postby Woolybear » Sun May 11, 2014 4:32 pm

We started out very early out of Round Top.
The plan was to do some hiking in the Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area. Sadly we had a few hiccups in the morning with some commercial vehicle access issue but managed to find some resolution to those and get on with our day. For our first outing we did Dingman’s Falls. Rather than drive up to the Falls Visitors Center and parking area we parked down by the Delaware river and walked the mile and a half or so up to the visitors center than onto the falls. Dingman’s Falls is easy, short, handicap accessible and had two very nice waterfalls. It is very much worth the stop if you’re in the area.
Post Dingman’s Falls it was decided to stay with the waterfall theme. We continued a short ways down the Gap to Bushkill Falls. Bushkill Falls is not public. There is an entrance cost of 12.50$. As falls and walks go it’s not bad. There are several nice sets of falls ranging from the highest at around 75$ to2 to 3 ft falls. There are also several nice wooden walkways through a nice gorge. That being said it is a little overpriced and very crowded with “weekender tourists”
Walking done we headed to our first food an beer stop, Barley Creek in Tannersville. Barley Creek is NOT a winner. They look good on there website but they are really a poor attempt at trendy commercialism. The atmosphere is very loud, food is okay, and the beer is drinkable and nothing more. We had a Miabock and Brown. Neither was really what it was advertised as. Not bad just not correct and frankly in need of more refinement. There brewer is clearly average working more on volume not quality. The insult came when I ask about growlers. They frankly did not care if you wanted it empty of full it was 15$ either way and they were assholes about it. Considering that Shawnee Craft Brewing down the road sucked too I’d say if you’re working on PA Views and Brews skip the Poconos they suck as far as beer goes.
Next stop was Bethlehem Brew Works. As a note to anyone going here parking SUCKS. Once we did finally get a spot somewhere and managed to get to the bar things were good. The food was pub grub but done very well, the beers were interesting and good, the atmosphere was a little loud but it is a popular location is that comes with the territory, and the staff were very friendly. Bethlehem Brew Works is run and owned by the same people who operate Allentown Brew Work were we went next. Both brew on site though the Bethlehem location brews smaller batches just for site use the Allentown location brews for site use and bottling. There are other differences as well. The Allentown location does a lot more beer experimentation such as a lime and mint Kolch I tried. It wasn’t good at first but does grow on you. Other differences include the fact that Allentown has a smaller staff and less costumer so its much quieter. Both were good and worth the visit. Outstanding beer was there cask aged stout, Insidious.
Not sure about where we were going to go with our day next we headed over to the Weyerbacher Brewing Company about a half our away. These guys are not a Views and Brews stop as they are only a brewery but they make a kick ass selection of beers. I like most of what they make and it’s all worth a try. They run there “tap room” like a party. We had a blast and the people that work there are great. We all did some mixing and matching and took home specialized six packs.
The plan from here on in was to go home but once on the highway Mike and Pete decided they wanted cheese steak so we turned around and headed towards Philly.
The guys went to Pat’s King of Steaks (not a cheese steak fan so non for me). Afterward we struggled with parking but finally managed to get over to Nodding Heads. Short version is nice people, good atmosphere, and drinkable beers. We loved the free cell phone charging stations.
By the time we left Nodding Heads it was 10 pm and we still had a long drive home but the guys wanted to tag one more so we headed over to Dock Street Brewing. Dock Street was the surprise winner of the day. They have a great friendly staff, simple non pretentious atmosphere, simple high quality food (there wood fired pizza kicked butt), and the beers rocked. I’ll put it this way; I do NOT like Berliner wiesse. I think it sucks but there Berliner wiesse was amazing and I would defiantly drink it. These guys are a must if you’re in the area.
So the beer spots of the day at a glance;
o Barely Creek (Tannersville) - SUCKS
o Bethlehem Brew Works (Bethlehem) - Top end of good
o Allentown Brew Work (Allentown) - Top end of good
o Weyerbacher (Easton, not a V&Bs stop) – Kick Ass
o Nodding Head (Philly) – Good
o Dock Street (Philly) – Kick Ass

This makes 9/30 for me in PA
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Re: 5-10-14 PA Ramble

Postby Laurie » Tue May 13, 2014 6:22 am

Sounds like a fun trip, though a bit of a late end. PA beers and hiking keep calling my name, most were very worthy indeed.
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