Puerto Rico's only Brewpub - Old Harbor

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Puerto Rico's only Brewpub - Old Harbor

Postby Tom » Fri Jun 21, 2013 11:36 am

If you go to San Juan, visit the Old city. It has a lot of history, culture, and BEER! :D

The name of the place is the Old Harbor Brewery. http://oldharborbrewery.com/

They had several beers that we tried in a sampler, including an IPA that is not part of their normal rotation. Guess which one we ordered! :D

The food was good. The prices were high, but everything in San Juan is expensive. We met a guy named Xavier who turned out to be a Florida Brewpub expert. I hope he will look us up, he said he would... :?:

We also discovered 2 other beer bars that were great.

One was called the 'Small Bar'. It's SMALL! But it had an amazing selection of beers, and decent pub food.

The other place was in Old San Juan, but I forget the name. It also had a great beer selection. It was actually an Italian restaurant.

There are several small enclaves of other cultures in San Juan, including Italian, French, Jewish, Oriental, etc. But we never had any trouble with people not speaking English.
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Re: Puerto Rico's only Brewpub - Old Harbor

Postby Woolybear » Fri Jun 21, 2013 4:35 pm

So a short views and brews list for the Puerto Rico patch :wink:
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