Bahamas Views and Brews - Sort of

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Bahamas Views and Brews - Sort of

Postby Tom » Mon Mar 24, 2014 12:12 pm

We could not find any true brewpubs in the Bahamas, so we settled for trying some of their local beer.


Kalik regular is a decent light Lager.
Kalik Lime has a very subtle lime hint.
Kalik Gold was kind of like Molson Golden.


Sands Regular was kind of like Rhinegold! :eek:
Sands Strong Back Stout on the other hand was worth the trip to Nassau! Well almost. It was an excellent Imperial Stout with Coffee and Chocolate notes.

As for hiking we walked around Nassau and toured some forts. We actually got some decent elevation gain, at least getting to the Nassau High point, if nothing else. If you ever go to Nassau visit the "Queen's Stairs". ... /d420-a479

It was carved out of solid rock, a volume of about 80' x 80' x 500' ! :eek: It was done with hand tools, and took over 18 years. The stairs are free, and the fort above them is only $1.00 per person.
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Re: Bahamas Views and Brews - Sort of

Postby Laurie » Mon Mar 24, 2014 2:55 pm

And the "rules" for public consumption in Nassau: open containers and drinking on the street were acceptable from a paperbag! First time that I have ever drank beer in that manner. It was fun, though Reingold was the only thing I could think of for that one around somewhere. Maybe post on fb.
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