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List Of Massachusetts State Brewpubs & Hikes
(Grayed out pubs are no longer brewing or closed, and unless you've already been there when they were brewing, no longer count)
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Brewpub Name
Pub Date Hike 1
 Date 1
Hike 2
 Date 2
Amherst Brewing ___/___/___ Sugarloaf Mt ___/___/___ Hike 2 ___/___/___ .
Cambridge Brewing ___/___/___ Fellsway 1 ___/___/___ Fellsway 2 ___/___/___ .
Barrington Brewery and Restaurant ___/___/___ Monument Mountain ___/___/___ Ice Glen in Stockbridge ___/___/___ .
People's Pint - Used to brew on site - Close enough?! ___/___/___ Shelburne Falls ___/___/___ Mount Toby in Montague ___/___/___ .
The Tap Brewery ___/___/___ Hike 1 ___/___/___ Hike 2 ___/___/___ .
Northampton Brewery ___/___/___ Mt. Tom ___/___/___ Skinner ___/___/___ .
Brewmaster's Tavern ___/___/___ DAR Park  ___/___/___ Hike 2 ___/___/___
Offshore Ale Company ___/___/___ Hike 1 ___/___/___ Hike 2 ___/___/___ .
Gardner Ale House ___/___/___ Mt. Wachussets ___/___/___ Hike 2 ___/___/___ .
Double Down ___/___/___ Leominster State Park ___/___/___ TBD ___/___/___
Great Marsh Brewing ___/___/___ TBD ___/___/___ TBD ___/___/___
Deadwood Brewing ___/___/___ tbd ___/___/___ tbd ___/___/___
Rapscallion ___/___/___ tbd ___/___/___ tbd ___/___/___
True West ___/___/___ tbd ___/___/___ tbd ___/___/___
Cheeky Monkey ___/___/___ tbd ___/___/___ tbd ___/___/___
Salt Box Kitchen ___/___/___ tbd ___/___/___ tbd ___/___/___
Jack's Abby ___/___/___ tbd ___/___/___ tbd ___/___/___
Ipswich Ale ___/___/___ tbd ___/___/___ tbd ___/___/___
Moby Dick Brewing ___/___/___ tbd ___/___/___ tbd ___/___/___
Hopsters - YOU are the brewer! ___/___/___ tbd ___/___/___ tbd ___/___/___
Winter Hill ___/___/___ tbd ___/___/___ tbd ___/___/___
Homefield Kitchen and Brewery ___/___/___ tbd ___/___/___ tbd ___/___/___
Trillium - Boston  ___/___/___ tbd ___/___/___ tbd ___/___/___
Trillium - Canton ___/___/___ tbd ___/___/___ tbd ___/___/___
Timberyard Brewing Company ___/___/___ tbd ___/___/___ tbd ___/___/___
Shoveltown Brewery ___/___/___ tbd ___/___/___ tbd ___/___/___
Greater Good Imperial Brewing ___/___/___ tbd ___/___/___ tbd ___/___/___
Night Shift Brewing ___/___/___ tbd ___/___/___ tbd ___/___/___
Berkley Brewing ___/___/___ tbd ___/___/___ tbd ___/___/___
Democracy Brewing ___/___/___ See above ___/___/___ tbd ___/___/___
Lord Hobo ___/___/___ Horn Pond ___/___/___ Middlesex Fells ___/___/___
Bone Up Brewing ___/___/___ Bay Circuit Trail ___/___/___ tbd ___/___/___
Sam Adams___/___/___Freedom Trail___/___/___tbd___/___/___
Stone Cow Brewery___/___/___tbd___/___/___tbd___/___/___
Progression Brewing___/___/___tbd___/___/___tbd___/___/___
Vanished Valley Brewing___/___/___7 sisters___/___/___tbd___/___/___
Field Crest Brewing___/___/___7 sisters___/___/___tbd___/___/___
Murder Hill (was Purgatory Beer Company)___/___/___tbd___/___/___tbd___/___/___
Riverwalk Brewing___/___/___Rail Trail very close by___/___/___tbd___/___/___
Troy City Brewing___/___/___Freetown State Forest___/___/___tbd___/___/___
2 Weeks Notice Brewing___/___/___tbd___/___/___tbd___/___/___
Backbeat Brewing___/___/___Greens Hill___/___/___tbd___/___/___
Harpoon Brewery - Boston___/___/___Bay Circuit Trail___/___/___tbd___/___/___
Burkes Ale Werks___/___/___tbd___/___/___ tbd___/___/___
Bay State Brewing ___/___/___tbd___/___/___ tbd___/___/___
Skyline Beer Company___/___/___tbd___/___/___ tbd___/___/___
White Lion Brewing___/___/___tbd___/___/___ tbd___/___/___
Hog Island Beer Company___/___/___tbd___/___/___ tbd___/___/___
Element Brewing___/___/___tbd___/___/___ tbd___/___/___
Start Line Brewing___/___/___tbd___/___/___ tbd___/___/___
Lost Shoe Brewing___/___/___tbd___/___/___ tbd___/___/___
Distraction Brewing___/___/___tbd___/___/___ tbd___/___/___
Altruist Brewing___/___/___tbd___/___/___ tbd___/___/___
Great Awakening Brewing___/___/___tbd___/___/___ tbd___/___/___
Wachusett Brewing___/___/___tbd___/___/___ tbd___/___/___
Bull Spit Brewing___/___/___tbd___/___/___ tbd___/___/___
Twisted Fate Brewing___/___/___tbd___/___/___ tbd___/___/___
Untold Brewing (multiple locations) ___/___/___tbd___/___/___ tbd___/___/___
Notch Brewing ___/___/___tbd___/___/___ tbd___/___/___
The Brewery at Four Star Farms___/___/___tbd___/___/___ tbd___/___/___
7th Wave Brewing ___/___/___Blue Hills Skyline Trail___/___/___Bay Circuit Trail___/___/___
Roundhead Brewing___/___/___Blue Hills Skyline Trail___/___/___Bay Circuit Trail___/___/___
Castle Island Beer (2 locations)___/___/___Blue Hills Skyline Trail___/___/___Bay Circuit Trail___/___/___
Brockton Beer Company___/___/___tbd___/___/___ tbd___/___/___
Canned Heat Craft Beer___/___/___tbd___/___/___ tbd___/___/___
Wormtown Brewery (2 locations)  ___/___/___tbd___/___/___ tbd___/___/___
Cold Harbor Brewing ___/___/___tbd___/___/___ tbd___/___/___
Irish Brewing___/___/___tbd___/___/___ tbd___/___/___
Outrider Beer Company___/___/___tbd___/___/___ tbd___/___/___
Hopothecary Ales___/___/___tbd___/___/___ tbd___/___/___
Epigram Brew___/___/___tbd___/___/___ tbd___/___/___
Odd by Nature ___/___/___tbd___/___/___ tbd___/___/___
===========================  Below here are no longer eligible
New City Brewery___/___/___tbd___/___/___tbd___/___/___
Brato Brewhouse and Kitchen___/___/___tbd___/___/___ tbd___/___/___
Battle Road Brew House___/___/___tbd___/___/___tbd___/___/___
Sea Dog - CLOSED ___/___/___tbd___/___/___tbd___/___/___
Slumbrew / Somerville___/___/___tbd___/___/___tbd___/___/___
Pittsfield Brew Works (closed)
Rock Bottom Brewery - Braintree CLOSED
Boston outlet does not brew on site.
Lowell Brewing Company  - aka Brewery Exchange - No longer brewing  
O'Leary's Restaurant  - No longer brewing at the pub
Watch City Brewing ___/___/___ Hike 1 ___/___/___ Hike 2 ___/___/___ .
John Harvard's Brew House - Framingham___/___/___

Ashland State Park

___/___/___Hike 2___/___/___.

* Directions are usually the best effort we could come up with using Google or Mapquest from the hike (or near by) to the Brewpub.  If you are not sure about something, look at the web sites for the various hikes or Brewpubs.

If you can't find the exact hike we mention, or you're not up for the hike we list, that's ok! Just go for a walk of at least 1 mile. Then when you've worked up a good thirst, go and enjoy a great beer! The hikes are usually around 1-2 miles. It also helps to call ahead to see if the Pub (and sometimes the park!) is open when you want to go there.

If you want to send us a few pictures of your hikes, or brewpubs you've visited, that would be great too! Email us or just post on Facebook!

If you discover a new Brewpub (a place that brews their own beer on premises and serves their own food) that we haven't listed yet, or you discover that one has gone out of business, or if you have any other questions,