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List Of New Jersey Brewpubs & Hikes
(Grayed out pubs are no longer brewing or closed, and unless you've already been there when they were brewing, no longer count)

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Brewpub Name
Pub Date
Hike 1
 Date 1
Hike 2
 Date 2
Tun Tavern Brewing ___/___/___ Pine Barrens ___/___/___ Apple Pie Hill Fire Tower ___/___/___
Village Brewing ___/___/___ Round Valley Reservoir ___/___/___ TBD ___/___/___ ___________
Harvest Moon Brewery ___/___/___ Rutgers Ecological Preserve ___/___/___ Johnson Park ___/___/___
Triumph Brewing ___/___/___ Devil's Half Acre ___/___/___ BaldPate Mountain ___/___/___
Krogh's Restaurant and Brewpub ___/___/___ High Point State Park ___/___/___ Terrace Pond ___/___/___ ___________
Trap Rock Brewery ___/___/___ Stony Lake to Culver Fire Tower ___/___/___ Morristown Historic Site ___/___/___ ___________
Long Valley Brewery ___/___/___ Wildcat Ridge ___/___/___ Schooley's Mountain Park ___/___/___ ___________
 Descendants Brewing Company ___/___/___ Mt Tammany ___/___/___ Spruce Run Recreation Area ___/___/___ ___________
JJ Bitting Brewing ___/___/___ William Warren County Park ___/___/___ Sewaren Marina Park ___/___/___ ___________
Gaslight Brewery ___/___/___ Palisades ___/___/___ Bearfort Ridge ___/___/___ ___________
Artisan's Brewery & Italian Grill (Was Basil T's) ___/___/___ Island Beach State Park
___/___/___ Seaside Heights Boardwalk
___/___/___ ___________
Iron Hill Brewery - Maple Shade ___/___/___ Rancocas State Park ___/___/___ tbd ___/___/___ ___________
Iron Hill Brewery - Voorhees  ___/___/___ Wharton State Park ___/___/___ tbd ___/___/___ ___________
Mud Hen Brewing ___/___/___ Garrett Family Preserve ___/___/___ tbd ___/___/___ ___________
White Chapel ___/___/___ Weltz Park ___/___/___ Hartshorne Woods ___/___/___ ___________
Avalon Brewing ___/___/___ Lizard Tail Swamp ___/___/___ tbd ___/___/___ ___________
Buck Hill Brewery ___/___/___ Limestone Ridge ___/___/___ Sunfish Pond ___/___/___ ___________
Brooks Brewery (Northside Lounge) ___/___/___ Duke Farms ___/___/___ Washington Valley Park ___/___/___ ___________
Egan And Sons ___/___/___ Eagle Rock Reservation ___/___/___ South Mountain Reservation ___/___/___ ___________
Alternate Ending ___/___/___ tbd ___/___/___ tbd ___/___/___ ___________
Ludlum Island Brewery ___/___/___ Belleplain State Forest ___/___/___ tbd ___/___/___
Port 44 ___/___/___ tbd ___/___/___ tbd ___/___/___ Closed
Pizzeria Uno Chicago Grill & Brewery, Metuchen ___/___/___ Roosevelt Park ___/___/___ Edison Tower and Museum ___/___/___

Directions are usually the best effort we could come up with using Google Maps from the hike (or near by) to the Brewpub.  If you are not sure about something, look at the web sites for the various hikes or Brewpubs.

If you can't find the exact hike we mention, or you're not up for the hike we list, that's ok!  Just go for a walk of at least 1 mile.  Then when you've worked up a good thirst, go and enjoy a great beer!  Most of the hikes are around 1-3 miles. Do whichever one you're more comfortable with.  It also helps to call ahead to see if the Pub (and sometimes the park!) is open when you want to go there.

If you want to send us a few pictures of your hikes, or brewpubs you've visited, that would be great too!

If you discover a new Brewpub (a place that brews their own beer on premises and serves meals) that we haven't listed yet, or you discover that one has stopped brewing, or if you have any other questions,