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Introductory Notes for Views & Brews Challenge in New Mexico

The Views & Brews Patch is available to people who have visited at least 30 of the brewpubs listed in the map for New Mexico on this website, tried at least one of their beers, and completed a nearby hike/walk of at least two miles.  To qualify, you must visit the brewpub in the same 48 hour period as you do the nearby hike. So, for instance, you can do the hike Saturday and visit the Brewpub Sunday. Or, you can go to the Brewpub Friday night and do the hike the next afternoon. Brewpubs eligible for the Challenge are indicated on the map with a yellow beer mug.  Breweries indicated with an orange mug are not eligible for the challenge as they do not have their own kitchen.   Remember, drink responsibly! 

Once you've completed all the stops, you can send us your results using the form at the link below, and request your Views & Brews patch (with the state initials).  We will add you to the list of "finishers" for New Mexico.

The initial version of the map features 108 New Mexico breweries and taproom outlets - 71 with their own kitchen service, 37 more that focus on the beer (although most of these are supported by food trucks or nearby restaurants with carry-in options).  Clicking on a brewery opens an information box that has a link to the venue's website which should give you hours, specific address, menus, and other useful info.  Things change and mistakes can be made, so your feedback about updates and corrections will always be welcomed - you can send them to

The initial version of the map also includes a selection of hikes in proximity to the breweries.  Each hike is linked to more detailed information about length, difficulty, getting to the trailhead, etc.  What is shown just scratches the surface of the hikes you'll find in New Mexico.  Feel free to complete hikes that are not on the map to use in the Challenge.  If you have a hike you like near one of the breweries that we haven't listed, let us know by emailing him.

New Mexico's recorded brewing history goes back to the 1860's when a couple of breweries sprouted up in Santa Fe.  The Spanish planted vineyards here much earlier (early 1600's) , but apparently weren't beer drinkers.  Breweries were established in many mining towns and camps in the late 1800's, but like everywhere else in America the breweries that survived into the 1900's were killed by Prohibition.  A couple of them attempted to restart following the end of the so-called "Noble Experiment" but were unsuccessful. 

Nearly 50 years later in 1988, Santa Fe Brewing was started on a ranch south of town.  We used to enjoy going down there in the early days and watching calf roping while sampling the beer.  SFB remains the oldest and largest of the current breweries.  The number of breweries here has grown to more than 80 through the craft beer boom of the past several decades.  The laws here allow a brewery to operate a few off-site taprooms and to serve New Mexican-made wines under their brewery license, and many take advantage of that allowance. 

There is no real correlation here between the size or sophistication of a brewery and whether they have their own food operations.  Some of the largest and most successful craft breweries are beer only, while others operate slick restaurants and pubs.  Although the ones that don't have their own kitchens don't qualify for the Views & Brews Challenge, beer lovers would be missing the full beer culture NM has to offer if you were to ignore them..

I hope you will take the Views & Brews challenge, and take advantage of all that you can learn about New Mexico in the process.  Let me know if I can help you along the way!

Kevin Holsapple got into the habit of seeking out views and brews while stationed in the military in Bavaria.  He turned that love into a blogging hobby and he blogs about beer, hiking, and travel at

Here is our List of Brewpubs (as of 02/19/21), and the Hike/Walk needed to complete each step in your journey.  It's updated as changes are needed.  If you have a hike you like near one of the Brewpubs that we haven't designated yet, let us know!  Once you've completed all the stops, you can send us your results, and get this cool Patch (with the state initials):

    Views and Brews Patch

The Patch cost is $5.00.  You can pay us by PayPal or Certified Money Order. The Paypal address is the same as the email address below.  Ifyou use Paypal, make sure you put the information requested on the form inthe comments section, and mail us the completed List.  Hereis a form you can fill out along with the List to request your Patch. 

For more information on the Brewpubs, or the hikes,

If you know of other states or people that are doing this, or want to start one yourself, let us know!

Tom Rankin is a retired Software Engineer who worked for IBM.  He enjoys astronomy, photography, hiking, and of course, drinking good beer!