Quebec Views and Brews List

Do at least 7 hikes and visit at least 7 Brewpubs to earn the Patch!

To qualify, you must visit the nearby brewpub in the same 48 hour period as you do the associated hike. So, for instance, you can do the hike Saturday and visit the Brewpub Sunday. Or, you can go to the Brewpub Friday night and do the hike the next afternoon.  But remember, drink responsibly! 

Here is our list as of 8/1/20. It's updated as changes are needed.  If you have a hike you like near one of the Brewpubs that we haven't designated yet, let us know!  Once you've completed enough stops, you can send us your results. Here is the form to fill out.

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Brew PubHike 1Hike 2
1 Brutopia Walk on  Ste-Catherine St.    Mount-Royal
2 La Diable Camp 4 saisons Sentier «Belvédère» Station Mt-Tremblant Sentier «Les ruisseaux» 
3 La Barberie Domaine Maizerets Chutes Montmorency
4 Golden Lion

Bois Beckett

Mont Chapman

5 Unibroue
Canal de Chambly
Mt St-Grégoire
6 La Tour à Bière


Sentier Eucher

7 Microbrasserie Charlevoix

Boisé du Quai

Mt Lac des Cygnes

8 Brassers Du temps 

Parc de la Gatineau

Google Map of Quebec Brewpubs