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List Of West Virginia Brewpubs & Hikes
(Grayed out pubs are no longer brewing or closed, and unless you've already been there when they were brewing, no longer count)

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Brewpub Name
Pub Date
Hike 1
 Date 1
Hike 2
 Date 2
Morgantown Brewing ___/___/___ Decker Creek Rail Trail ___/___/___ Coopers Rock State Forest ___/___/___
Mountain State Brewing ___/___/___ Elakala to Yellow Birch Trail Loop ___/___/___ Blackbird Knob ___/___/___
North End Tavern - Parkersburg ___/___/___ North Bend Rail Trail ___/___/___ TBD ___/___/___
Chestnut Brew Works - Morgantown ___/___/___ Coopers Rock State Forest ___/___/___ Coopers Rock State Forest ___/___/___
Berkeley Springs ___/___/___ Berkeley Springs State Park ___/___/___ TBD ___/___/___
Parkersburg Brewing ___/___/___ Fort Boreman Park  ___/___/___ TBD ___/___/___
Stumptown Ales - Davis ___/___/___ Canaan Valley State Park ___/___/___ Lion's Head ___/___/___
Bad Shepherd Brewing - Charlestown ___/___/___ Kanawha State Forest ___/___/___ TBD ___/___/___
The Freefolk Brewery - Fayetteville ___/___/___ Hawk's Nest State Park ___/___/___ Keeneys Creek Trail ___/___/___
Old Spruce Brewing - Snowshoe  ___/___/___ Cass Scenic RR State Park ___/___/___ High Rock (Tea Creek WMA) ___/___/___
The Peddler - Huntington ___/___/___ Beech Fork State Park ___/___/___ TBD ___/___/___
Abolitionist Ale Works 

___/___/___Harpers Ferry Railroad Bridge___/___/___Raven Rock Loop  ___/___/___
Amani Brewing___/___/___Northern Peaks Trail ___/___/___Stone Fort Loop ___/___/___
Bavarian Brewing ___/___/___Black Rock Via AT___/___/___Stone Fort Loop___/___/___
Cacapon Mountain Brewing___/___/___Great American Rail Trail ___/___/___Berkeley Springs State Park___/___/___
Screech Owl Brewing___/___/___Raven Rock Trail, Coopers Rock State Forest ___/___/___Hemlock Trail, Coopers Rock State Forest ___/___/___
Short Story Brewing ___/___/___Mon River Trail___/___/___Marion County Rail Trail ___/___/___
Weathered Ground Brewery ___/___/___Glade Creek Trail___/___/___Lewis McManus Trail ___/___/___
Fife Street Brewing___/___/___TBD___/___/___TBD___/___/___
Gad Dam Brewing___/___/___TBD___/___/___TBD___/___/___
North Branch Brewpub___/___/___Dans Mountain State Park___/___/___Savage River State Forest___/___/___
Sophisticated Hound___/___/___TBD___/___/___TBD___/___/___
'========= below here are closed ======
Charlestown Brewing Company Closed ___/___/___ Kanawha State Forest ___/___/___ ___/___/___
Lost River Brewing x ___/___/___ Wolf Gap Recreation Area ___/___/___ ___/___/___
Town Run Brewing - Shepardstown___/___/___Antietam National Battlefield___/___/___TBD___/___/___
North Branch Pub ___/___/___Dans Mountain State Park___/___/___Savage River State Forest___/___/___
Blackwater Brewing  ___/___/___ Canaan Blackwater - Limerock Trail ___/___/___ ___/___/___
Wheeling Brewing Company
___/___/___Serpentine Trail___/___/___TBD___/___/___
Big Draft Brewing ___/___/___Green Brier River Trail___/___/___Lewisburg and Ronceverte Trail ___/___/___
Dobra Zupas - Beckley___/___/___New River Gorge___/___/___TBD___/___/___
The Rambling Root___/___/___West Fork River Trail___/___/___Marion County Rail Trail ___/___/___

Directions are usually the best effort we could come up with using Mapquest or Google Maps from the hike (or near by) to the Brewpub.  If you are not sure about something, look at the web sites for the various hikes or Brewpubs.

If you can't find the exact hike we mention, or you're not up for the hike we list, that's ok!  Just go for a walk of at least 1 mile.  Then when you've worked up a good thirst, go and enjoy a great beer!   One of the hikes is usually around 1-3 miles and more or less flat.  The other hike is usually 3-8 miles and may have some altitude gain.   Do whichever one you're more comfortable with.  It also helps to call ahead to see if the Pub (and sometimes the park!) is open when you want to go there.

If you want to send us a few pictures of your hikes, or brewpubs you've visited, that would be great too!

If you discover a new Brewpub (a place that brews their own beer on premises) that we haven't listed yet, or you discover that one has stopped brewing, or if you have any other questions,