Views and Brews Links Page

Hiking Organizations

ADK - Lots of local chapters too
NY 100 Highest - My list!
46'ers - Climb all of the 46 high peaks of the Adirondacks!
Appalachian Mountain Club
NY/NJ Trail Conference
Catskill 3500 Club Climb all the 3500 footers in the Catskills!
Views From the Top - Hiking Conditions and Forums about the peaks and trails
Auburn Trail
Finger Lakes Trail Conference
American Hiking Society
Rail Trails Conservancy
Sent in by a young enthusiast - How difficult is the Tahoe Rim Trail

Other Organizations and People

A kindred Spirit - Hiking, Beer and Travel  Also on Facebook
The Maine Brew Bus

American Volkssport Association - The AVA's network of 315 Walking Clubs organize more than 3000 walking events every year in all 50 states!
New York State Fire Tower Web Page.  Some of our hikes are to firetowers, offering a great view!
Yankee Brew News
- They wrote us up in their June/July 2004 Edition! 
Ale Street News - Another Beer magazine
Tap NY - Great food and GREAT  Beer!
Beer Craft
Brian Bushner - Beer Lover and Hiker

Special People

Marlene Weidenbaum - She created our Patch design
Lew Bryson - His Book/Web Page was very helpful in coming up with our list
Lisa Rogers - Alaska Views and Brews
Melissa LaPlume - Illinois Views and Brews
Kyle Sherlock - Vermont Views and Brews
Scott Disnard - MVP for new suggestions!
Paula Repka - WV Views and Brews