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Get the Patch!

Our Patch is given to people who have visited at least 30 Brewpubs in this state, tried at least one of their beers, and hiked/walked to the local attraction listed for that Brewpub.  To qualify, you must visit the nearby brewpub in the same 48 hour period as you do the associated hike. So, for instance, you can do the hike Saturday and visit the Brewpub Sunday. Or, you can go to the Brewpub Friday night and do the hike the next afternoon.  But remember, drink responsibly! 

Here is our List of Brewpubs (as of 12/31/17), and the Hike/Walk needed to complete each step in your journey.  It's updated as changes are needed.  If you have a hike you like near one of the Brewpubs that we haven't designated yet, let us know!  Once you've completed all the stops, you can send us your results, and get this cool Patch (with the state initials):

    Views and Brews Patch

The Patch cost is $5.00.  You can pay us by PayPal or Certified Money Order. The Paypal address is the same as the email address below.  Ifyou use Paypal, make sure you put the information requested on the form inthe comments section, and mail us the completed List.  Hereis a form you can fill out along with the List to request your Patch. 

For more information on the Brewpubs, or the hikes,

If you know of other states or people that are doing this, or want to start one yourself, let us know!

Tom Rankin is a retired Software Engineer who worked for IBM.  He enjoys astronomy, photography, hiking, and of course, good beer!